Top Three Beauty Mistakes: Number Three

Well guys you've made it to day three, we hope we've helped you learn some new tricks! With that here is the third mistake we see the most often.

Your lipstick is smudged but it wasn't on purpose!

Now there is a popular trend going around for a smudgy lipstick look however if that's not the aesthetic you're going for and your lipstick is still all over your face, then these tips are for you. So if you want your lipstick to last ALL day the first thing you must do is prep your lips, just like you need to prep your skin for foundation you need to do the same to your lips. If your lips are super dry and flaky then you'll want to exfoliate them first. A good trick is gently using your tooth brush to buff away the dead skin. Or you can make a very simple lip scrub at home using sugar and coconut oil, not only will you be exfoliating your lips but softening and hydrating them as well. The next step in to apply a lip balm so that your lips are plump and even in texture (don't apply too much or your lipstick will slide right off your face!) OK so onto to step number three...lip liner. Why bother with lip liner? It makes your lipstick last longer and stops it from feathering, it's like the glue that holds the lipstick onto your lips. We recommend saving yourself the hassle of buying a lip liner to match every lipstick you own but instead buy one that you can use for them all. Sounds to good to be true right? But we swear by the Grande Stay Put Liner, it goes on sheer but helps fill in any lines in your lips and keeps your color from bleeding outside the lines. Then TA DA you are ready for lipstick, may seem like a bit of work but we promise your lipstick will never look better. And if you really want to make sure that color isn't going anywhere place a tissue over your lips and tap on some translucent setting powder with a fluffy brush. ...One last pro tip to keep lipstick from getting on your teeth, put your index finger in your mouth between your lips and pull out wards. It'll get any lipstick that was headed to your pearly whites out of there.

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