Top Three Beauty Mistakes: Part Two

You're not blending out your foundation!

BLEND! BLEND! BLEND! I can't tell you how often I'm tempted to run up to someone in a bar make-up brush in hand and blend out an unsuspecting victims foundation. But I never do so instead I'll tell you what you need to do here. First things first if you want a seamless make-up application then you need to use the proper tools, other wise you'll end up with unsightly steaks and an uneven layer of coverage. We recommend the O Wow! Brush, it's designed with densely packed super soft bristles so it does most of the work for you, leaving you with a smooth streak free application. When putting on foundation start by applying product to the center of your face and blending outward moving the brush in small circular motions to diffuse the product. And now here is the most important part...blend the foundation (or bb cream, tinted moisturizer, whatever you are using) down your neck and into your chest depending on how much of your skin is showing. From there don't forget to take the product up into the hair line and onto the ears. I know I know this sounds crazy! However most people have different skin tones around different areas of the face and body, most often because certain areas see more sun than others. Blending out through these areas allows you to have the most natural and even looking application and you'll forever be saved from having your face and neck be two different colors.

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